Hamsters: A History

Hamsters: A History
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2015 | 15 min.
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You've probably seen a Hamster but how many of these questions can you answer: Are there wild Hamsters? Are Hamsters from America? When did Hamsters become pets? Why is the Hamster a popular pet? Why are Hamsters so easy to buy? Are Hamsters Domesticated? How do Hamsters show their emotions? What do Hamsters do? Do Hamsters live in groups? What is the biggest Hamster? Filmmaker Mike Fallek could not answer any of these questions when he started this movie. This lack of knowledge on one of the most common pets in the world inspired Mike to get all the answers and then some in this award winning film. Join Mike in a world of stop motion to explain the true History of one of the most important and weirdest pet in the world.

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School Library Journal (April 2016)