My Mom Is Batman! By The Mighty Magic Pants

My Mom Is Batman! By The Mighty Magic Pants
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Family Fridge Entertainment
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Gather up your superpowers and join The Mighty Magic Pants in their musical quest to "Make people's day… one day at a time!"

Song Listing:

1. My Mom Is Batman

2. Love Is My Superhero Soundtrack

3. Gotta Be the Pants

4. We've Got Rules

5. Superhero Tryout #428: Mighty Ladybug

6. Buccaneer on Broadway

7. Every Superhero's Scared of Something

8. Superhero Tryout, #521: Hippo

9. Drama Queen

10. Invent Something

11. Superhero Tryout, #778: Dung Beetle

12. Let the Rockstar Out

13. Superhero Tryout #1,021: Easily Distracted Girl

14. The Best Superheroes We've Got Are All Cowboys

15. Princess with Really, Really, Really Big Brains

16. You're More Than a Super to Me

17. Everyone Shouted "Huzzah!" (For Pirate Jake)

18. Superhero Tryout, #2,871: The Maggot

19. Gotta Catch 'Em All (From "Pokemon")

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School Library Journal (November 2017)