Sign with Robert: Complete Collection

Sign with Robert: Complete Collection
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2015 | 879 min.
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10 DVD set: Sign with Robert with Deaf actor/educator Robert DeMayo provides a comprehensive sign language program that covers vocabulary on a wide range of topics including academic, lifestyle, international, business and food signs. Dive deeper into ASL as you learn about classifiers, number variations, idioms, fingerspelling and depicting verbs. Our narrative chapters explore Deaf culture, myths, do's and don'ts, famous events in Deaf history, how Deaf people get work, name signs, acronyms and more. Lessons are geared for all levels, from newcomers and beginners to advanced and professionals and everyone in between. There are also episodes aimed at babies and children with interactive stories, health professionals with emergency signs and businesses with tips on how to hire and work with Deaf employees. All of the material is open captioned in English (with the exception of a few of the chapters with receptive skills exercises, which provide the captioned answers after the material.) Explore a few chapters on topics of interest or immerse yourself into the entire series for the full experience. Most of the narrative chapters have an audio voice over option as well as captions. Learn from the best as you join Robert in this fun, informative and interactive series.

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School Library Journal (December 2016)