Sailing Across The World

Sailing Across The World
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2017 | 60 min.
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Humans have been fascinated with sailing for centuries. It’s how we navigated the globe and became the modern world of today even before the age of industry and technology. From oceans and

seas to rivers, canals and lakes, we have developed a multitude of amazing and awe inspiring vessels to help us traverse them. On one hand, we fear the power of the world’s oceans and lakes, because they can be unpredictable and no man can tame them. But on the other hand, we have fallen in love with the beauty,

peace and freedom to be able to set the sail and discover new and far off places. To escape the land, to be truly free over the ocean waves has been the dream of millions over the years. Take the journey with us as we travel the world on dozens of different seafaring ships, canal and riverboats, and lake crafts. From the perspective of the boat, we see the world in a new and unique way.