My Transgender Life: Male or Female? I Am Who I Am

My Transgender Life: Male or Female? I Am Who I Am
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2017 | 47 min.
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A moving documentary on what it is like to be transgender, to grow up in the wrong gender and eventually transition to a different sex. A documentary designed to record, share and celebrate the personal stories of transgender women and men and their stories of struggle, of courage and of triumph. Though they vary in age, ethnicity and socioeconomic backgrounds, each person has fought to cast off the gender assigned to them at birth and embrace their true selves. This program covers what its like to grow up in the wrong gender and eventually transition. The decision to transition from one gender to another is a life changing one not just for the transgender person but for their family and friends. Male or female, boy or girl? Most of us can answer that question without a second thought, but for some people, the answer isnt so simple. This documentary takes us firsthand into the lives of seven people who are transgender, revealing their struggles and life changing transitions. It takes a powerful look at this new generation, exploring the medical possibilities, struggles and choices transgender teens, adults and their families face today. Encouraging classroom discussion, this program helps students to think of the differences in each of us in a positive way, breaking stereotypes, acceptance, challenging prejudice and increasing visibility for the transgender community.

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Video Librarian (June 2017)