Weekend in Havana

Weekend in Havana
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2017 | 60 min.
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In Weekend in Havana, host Geoffrey Baer travels to the capital city of Havana to explore Cuba alongside the people who live there. Join him with three young and “high-octane” local guides: architect and restorationist Daniel de la Regata; one of Cuba’s top flamenco dancers, Irene Rodriguez; and Grammy-nominated jazz pianist Roberto Fonseca as they take you on a whirlwind tour of Cuba’s fascinating and colorful history. You’ll experience a hands-on introduction to Afro-Cuban music and dance, a primer on Havana’s varied architecture and efforts being made to restore the city’s ruins, and an inside look at how everyday Cubans live in this “old city trying to find its place in the modern world,” a place off-limits to Americans for decades.

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Video Librarian (February 2018)